world's largest
portable flooring facility

Our portable production facility is the largest of its kind, and totally unique in our industry. Three production areas accommodate up to ten floors at once, even oversized courts. And our storage space can house 75 more.


 We specialize in full-service restoration of portable basketball courts. This includes a fresh sand and state-of-the-art graphic design, painting, staining, and finishing. Let our work speak for itself.

peace of mind

You’re too busy in the off-season to worry about your portable basketball courts, so let us worry about them for you. With the largest portable basketball facility in the world, we will store your court and give it a face-lift before basketball season, so it’s ready to be played on.


Here at Praters, we’ve been on the cutting edge of basketball court design for almost three decades. Innovating new techniques to create floor artwork that is bolder and better is part of our DNA. From stencils to patented playon decals, from custom paint to pigmented seals, our in-house team of designers and artists are dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Ft Myers tip-off 2020
ft. myers tip-off 2020



new floors

 If you’re looking to purchase portable basketball courts for your facility, look no further. We carry brand new NBA and NCAA level competition courts from Connor (Final Four), Robbins (FIBA), and Junckers (Clutch Performance).

portables new court callout_

spalding goals

Praters is a certified Spalding basketball goal dealer, including Renegades, which are the official goals of the NCAA and NBA. Our technicians are certified to install the goals at your facility and make sure they are in top condition before your athletes take the court.

As a customer since 2007, many Atlanta Hawks courts have come through our facility. And we’ve loved helping them with design transformations throughout the last 15 years.
The Charlotte Hornets debuted a brand new design for their alternate court - the Buzz City Court - and we helped bring it to life.
In our first project for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the team has a court with a brand new, classic design.
TSU updated their court with a sleek, modern tiger-stripe design, while also paying tribute to a legendary coach from their past.

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