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Patented PlayOn Decals are the only basketball court decals designed to be played on. Our process allows us to bond Bona SuperSport gym floor finish to the top of 3M Controltac Graphic Film to produce the safest environment possible for the athlete. Because as much as we love beautiful courts, athlete safety is always our top priority. Our product has been independently tested by Rolla Coatings, Inc. and has been found to meet coefficient of friction requirements as mandated by the Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association. PlayOn Decals are pre-finished at our facility in Chattanooga, Tennessee and can be played on immediately after installation

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With playon decals, your floor will transform into a work of art that takes your event to the next level. Bring your own design or work with our in-house designers to bring your ideas to life. When it’s game time, our experts install on location and monitor throughout the duration of the event, and PlayOn decals are ready to use as soon as they’re on the floor.
Maui Invitational

the safest

Patented playon decals are the only safe option for on court branding. In fact, they are the only product of their kind used by the Maui Invitational – ever since 2012 when we were on site to prove that our product was different from the rest. We’ve been providing our basketball court decals, which we named playon for their like-surface quality and safety for athletes, for the Maui Invitational and countless other tournaments and events throughout the world ever since.

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