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Need a court for your next event? Great! Praters specializes in basketball court rentals. We can provide full-size, half-size, and even custom sized courts. Need more than just a court? Our team can provide and install premium goals, scoreboards, and shot clocks during your event. Above all, we work closely with your team to ensure your event runs smoothly.

NBA Paris 2023 - Chicago bulls vs. Detroit pistons in an exciting face off between these two multi-NBA-winning champions.
The Basketball Armed Forces Classic 2022 featured a thrilling game on an aircraft carrier ship, blending basketball excitement with the impressive backdrop of naval vessels.
Praters has partnered with the Maui Invitational for 9 years, providing PlayOn Decals to brand the court and installing on-site in Hawaii, and in 2020, a little closer to home - Asheville, NC.
Brew City Battle 2022 delivered an electrifying basketball game right at the heart of a bustling baseball stadium, immersing fans in a unique fusion of sports and creating an unforgettable atmosphere.
The Nothing But Net 2023 Charity event brought together the spirit of giving and the love for basketball on a humble, yet spirited, backyard court, showcasing the power of sports in making a positive impact.


Amazing graphics play an integral part in amazing events. And in basketball, they’re even more important. Think about all of your favorite teams…you know exactly what their court looks like, don’t you? So why should your event be any different? Our Design Team can help you create the perfect court for your event. With our PlayOn Decals®, the design possibilities for your basketball court rental are endless.

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outdoor court options

If your event is outside, all-weather court tiles are an excellent temporary option. They are quick and easy to install and take up, come in a variety of colors, and are customizable to meet the size of your space. PlayOn Decals® can be installed on them, as well, to elevate your event branding and expand possibilities for design.

premium goals

In addition to basketball court rentals, Praters offers premium basketball goals for rent and for sale, including Spalding Renegades, which are the official goals of the NCAA and NBA. In addition, our technicians are certified to install and monitor goals for your next event. These goals can be customized with our PlayOn® Decals, branded specifically for your event.


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