paradise jam

With plans for the Paradise Jam upended due to covid and travel restrictions, organizers decided to move it to Washington DC - and we helped them do it, adding customized playon decals to the court.

Putting on a large scale basketball tournament is not an easy task in the best of times. And the Paradise Jam is big. Each year there are eight men’s teams, and six to 10 women’s teams. But in 2020, when nothing is certain, it’s even tougher. 

Since flying 16 teams to the U.S. Virgin Islands wasn’t a possibility, Basketball Travelers, the group behind the tournament, found a temporary home in DC. They also tightened the playing field to just 4 men’s teams and no women’s tournament. 

The organizers at Basketball Travelers and Events DC made things as safe for athletes and officials as possible, with rapid testing, PPE, and no access to media or the public on-site. And the tournament went on as scheduled, after a scramble to replace a team that pulled out at the last minute.

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